Who am I ?

I’m a Sysadmin👨🏻‍💻 (with a Masters Degree) with a passion for starting and never finishing side projects.

What do I like to do ?

I’m a huge nerd so I like to play video games🕹️ (but I’m bad at it), watch Esports🖥️ and spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of a computer screen to either code, fix my servers😠💻, play or watch something. All of this while drinking coffee☕.

Do I have any passions?

I’m insanely passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, how they work, what they could bring, the downsides and all the emerging technologies that they bring in their trails.

I also really enjoy to go fishing 🎣.


Here is a little list of all my projects.



This is Koinbot

Koinbot is a cryptocurrency focused bot used to retrieve informations about cryptocurrencies markets and related data.

You can learn more about Koinbot here :


Status Page

You can find the Status page of my services here:

Uptime Kuma


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